The Blue Box

Limerick Enterprise Development Partnership Limerick County Limerick

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Creative Arts Psychotherapies Project supporting children from marginalized & impoverished backgrounds in Limerick, Ireland. Twitter: @blue_box_clc.

Company Overview

The Therapeutic relationship is at the heart of the Blue Box philosophy of Therapy. This begins with the support of the client through the use of boundaries of time, space, confidentiality, frequency and consistency. The therapeutic relationship is contained through a professional code of ethics, clinical supervision, protocols and management structures within the Blue Box.
Another important element of the Blue Box Psychotherapy model is the client's own creative exploration. The Blue Box Therapists draw on a variety of theories (arts therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, humanistic and integrative psychotherapy, aesthetics, attachment theories, developmental theories, object relations, play and embodiment) to support their client—their central belief being that in line with every dynamic system, each individual has the innate capacity to move towards self-fulfillment.
Creative Therapies used by The Blue Box: art, dance & movement, drama, music & play.