Parent Line

Brunswick St N Northside Dublin

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Phone Number
01 8787230
Emergency Hotline
Low Call Helpline 1890 927277

Carmichael Centre
North Brunswick Street
Dublin 7, Dublin

Opening Hours
Helpline open Monday - Thursday 10.00am - 9.00pm, Friday 10.00am - 4.00pm

Parent Line is a national, confidential helpline that offers parents support, information and guidance on all aspects of being a parent and any parenting issues.

There is no typical call

Parents call with all sorts of problems and children of all ages offer different parenting challenges. Anxiety, anger, aggression, isolation and loneliness, bullying, discipline, frustration, school refusal, drugs, teenage issues and verbal and emotional abuse are just some of the main reasons for the calls we receive daily. What all our callers have in common is that they are seeking help, support and guidance. The vast majority of our callers are overwhelmingly satisfied with the service offered and the assistance received.  


Postnatal Depression

Parentline is the only national helpline, that offers support to new mothers suffering with the baby blues or postnatal depression, in confidence and over the phone. This means that a new mother does not have to get organised to leave the comfort of her own home if she needs support. Very often a depressed mother finds it very difficult to get dressed not to mind to leave her own house. Parentline offers a support service in her own home.


Non Violent Resistance (NVR)

Non Violent Resistance is an evidence-based, non-blaming and relatively short-term intervention model that empowers parents and people working with them to take positive action to end the abusive and/or violent behaviour of a child.  

School Refusal

School refusal can make parents feel as though they have somehow failed, even though it is generally not their fault. It can require collaborative interaction between the child, the parents and the school, to resolve it.