Limerick Mental Health Week 2018 will provide a forum to generate discussion

Limerick Mental Health Week 2018 will provide a forum to generate discussion

Limerick Mental Health Week 2018 was officially launched on September 10 at Alex & Findlaters Restaurant. Members of Limerick Suicide Watch and Cllr Daniel Butler, Mayor of the Metropolitan District of Limerick attended the event.

Mental health week runs this year from October 4 – October 13 with the launch event of the week held in King Johns Castle on October 5 at 6 p.m. For the launch event, Limerick Mental Health Association is collaborating with the Limerick School of Art and Design Students’ Union and the historical King John’s Castle. The event will be a showcase of mental health organisations in Limerick along with a variety of performances and visual art developed around the concepts of mental health. The evening aims to engage the public with the arts and their own understanding of mental health. The arts are key for self-expression and a means of understanding the world around us. The evening hopes to empower the community and spark creativity within us all.

Limerick Mental Health Association and a team of charities, community groups, the HSE, An Garda Síochána and businesses across the city & county have been working tirelessly over the last several months to put together a week of talks, workshops, exhibitions and events for the public in the month of October on the topic of mental health. The week marks World Mental Health Day October 10 which is run yearly by the World Mental Health Federation and this year’s theme is Youth in an ever-changing world.

 Limerick Mental Health Week 2018 promotes positive mental health in the community. This is achieved through a series of public talks, exhibitions, workshops and events. Organized by Limerick Mental Health Association and collaborated with other local mental health service organizations, the week aims to raise awareness of mental health in the local community.

Mayor Butler said: ”The importance of Limerick Mental Health Week is the collaboration of different agencies and different people are getting involved.”

Limerick Mental Health Week 2018 will provide a forum to generate discussion and promote positive mental health.  It will also reduce stigma and help to bring mental health into everyday conversations. Limerick Mental Health Week highlights the range of supports and services, which are available within the local community.

Patrick Fitzgerald, Director of Limerick Mental Health Week said “Mental health is a part of our lives as much as physical health is. We all know to go to a doctor when we break a bone or get sick. But do we know where to go when we feel low or need help for our mental health? Do we know how to look after our mental health on a daily basis? Limerick Mental Health Week looks to raise awareness of the services available to all of us and how we look after our mental health.”

As part of a team bonding and brainstorming session around Limerick Mental Health Week, representatives from many of the organisations involved took to the Shannon for some kayaking to “Reclaim the River”. Meghann Scully, Spin Southwest DJ and author, is the Ambassador for the Mental Health Week and said, “It was amazing to see our river in such a different way and to enjoy it as an amenity and asset rather than to see it as a sad and tragic place.” Meghann is delighted to become the ambassador for the week and was touched like so many people by issues of mental health after tragically losing her brother.

Limerick Mental Health Association established Mental Health Week in 2005. In 2006, it was extended to include mental health associations throughout the Midwest Region. The mental health associations provide the key programmes and framework for the week. They do this by working in partnership with second and third level educational bodies, community, voluntary and statutory services. By working with these groups, they assess and meet the needs of people throughout the community, from all walks of life.

Limerick Mental Health Week has been going from strength to strength over the past decade in the city. It was developed and supported by Limerick Mental Health Association. 

Limerick Mental Health Week brings the people of Limerick together with organisations, businesses and more importantly, each other. This collaboration highlights the many services and volunteers that support people who are living with or supporting a family member or friend who is living with poor mental health. Limerick Mental Health Week 2018 will have amazing events, speakers and information for everyone from our youngest citizens to our oldest. There is something for everyone to learn about the amazing mental health and support organisations that are available in Limerick.