Serosep Limited

Limerick Biddyford County Limerick

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Serosep, a family run business, aims to improve the efficiency and modernisation of our customers diagnostic capabilities (with innovative, revolutionary, easy to use products & services). We continuously work to ensure a lasting legacy for our diagnostic specialist and customer care teams and make a positive contribution to the wider scientific community.




Serosep are Ireland’s leading Diagnostics specialists. We are proud of our position as the innovative, specialist partner of choice for customers in Ireland, the UK, the US, European and world markets.

Through design, development and manufacture of best in class products, supported by exceptional customer care, we will double the size of our business every 5 years, build lasting relationships with suppliers and customers to become a leading supplier in our field of expertise.

We will do this by investing in our people, nurturing a culture of learning, continuous improvement and excellence. By expanding our knowledge and specialist expertise, we will ensure that we meet the growing needs of our customer and continue to offer a unique experience that differentiates Serosep from its competitors.