I Love Limerick

96 O'Connell St Limerick

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Meet The Limerick Team!


Our Limerick Team has many individuals all talented in their own field working together to promote the city and county and all it has to offer. You will find a list of the I Love Limerick’s team of professionals below. Overall our goal is to educate, inform, train and facilitate the development of arts, enterprise and culture in Limerick city. We team people up and teach them how to utilise each others skills. Individuals, organisations, enterprises, community groups can come together to create cross-functional networks, in order to deliver powerful marketing economies of scale. Within our own Limerick team we have created intern, work experience and job opportunities for a diverse group of professionals throughout Limerick, aiding them to develop their craft and cultivate relationships with other professionals and organisations. We harness the network of talent around us to create jobs and income for artists and businesses giving them opportunities and much needed support. Our Limerick team are always on the lookout for emerging talent.